Disney Movies are More Inappropriate Than you may Think!

Do you remember watching some of the Disney movies below as a child? Well if you did, you may not know about these scenes that are not the best suited for children.

The Lion King

When the lion king movie came out in theaters in 1994, the movie poster was released. As you can see in the poster, what looks like a lion is actually a girl. She appears to be young and wearing a THONG! This is not something most parents would want their kids seeing.

Another example from the lion king, is from the scene where he looks at the stars. One person noticed that the stars spelled the word SEX in  the sky. Even though Disney has tried to cover it up, once you see it, there is no way to forget about it.


The Little Mermaid

This funny, underwater adventure is a great family movie. OR IS IT! On the cover of the VHS tape from the 90s, one can see that the castle is made of an interesting material!

The last example from the same movie is that you can clearly see that the priest is more exited then the bride at this wedding!

illuminati-disney-little-mermaid-priest-erection look at the left photo and you’ll see!

That’s only 4 examples of how Disney IS NOT PG!


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