Clash of Clans: Tips and More!!

For all of you gamers you might know this game! Here are some tips for beginners:

  1. First upgrade all of your gold and elixir mines/collectors
  2. Upgrade your storage so you can get more gold and elixir (Loot)
  3. Time your builds so you can always keep growing by having  builders always busy!
  4. Lastly, always have troops ready so you can attack and benefit by getting LOOT!!

I hoped you enjoyed these tips!

Shout out to my clan called Team 5! To join just search me at this code:


And shoutout to Hale Y aka Jason to see him check out the clan!

Disclaimer: I know my base is bad but hey I just started all over for the fun of it!

To get a shoutout just leave a like and comment!


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